• Supply Chain Management

  • Fluas has a passion for Supply Chain Improvement. We are specialized in cross organizational areas like Customer Service, Sales & Operation Planning and Sourcing.

  • Fluas delivers supply chain expertise based on solid experience and fresh ideas. The end-customers is always centered in the solution; we believe this is paramount for any efficient supply chain.

  • Cross-department, cross-organizational and cross-sector

    A key strength of Fluas is creating a cross-boundary vision. Your supply chain isn't a silo. These are some of the questions we answer together with our clients:

    • What is the alignment between the corporate strategy and the supply chain strategy?
    • Is Supply Chain viewed as a serious business partner by your Marketing, Sales, Development and Manufacturing executives?
    • How would you characterize the collaboration with your suppliers and customers? Can increase collaboration add value, or is transparency a threat?
    • What is the societal impact of your supply chain and the subsequent footprint? 
  • Fluas helps creating sustainable connections

    Fluas has been supporting clients for a long term improvement in their Supply Chain, Sourcing, Quality and Customer Service. We create robust solutions by creating lasting relationships with all stakeholders. Fluas helps you identify the long term challenge behind your short term issues;

    • There might be an immediate issue with component sourcing that needs to be coordinated, but how can we mitigate these risks in the long term?
    • An quality issue needs instant recall action in terms of production, customer service and logistics coordination, but how can I build a resilient solution for future issues?
    • A new product requires a completely different supply chain approach, how do I make sure my organization evolves accordingly?

    Do you recognize these dillema's?  Feel free to contact us to discuss how Fluas can help solving your challenge.