• Horizontal Collaboration

  • Hands-on experience with Horizontal Collaboration by working on cases for numerous shippers, creating a solid foundation for tangible results.

  • Horizontal Collaboration exists there where companies collaborate without having a customer-supplier relationship. Within the Supply Chain realm there has been ample attention in the area of transport bundling. Fluas has extensive experience on the subject of Horizontal Collaboration. Since the first study on the complexity of cross-organization partnerships in 2009, various projects and organizations have been supported by Fluas.


  • The art of collaboration

    Companies don't collaborate, people do. Making horizontal collaboration work is laregely dependent of the people involved. Embedding change within organization requires tenacity and motivation. To work towards the right mindset, getting a deep understanding of the quantitative aspects of any collaboration is important.

  • Key Success Factors

    Besides a solid personal and cultural fit, getting the quantitave aspects of collaboration right is what will make the difference. Fluas has gained experience in mapping freight flows, assesings business potential and logistical concepts, operational execution and the legal requirements. Getting these success factors right will help building sustanainable collaborations.