• Combining Forces to Bundle Freight

    18 December 2015 | Fluas
  • Jeroen Bolt (on behalf of the Logistics Topsector and Lean and Green Synchromodal) en Frans van den Boomen (NHTV) have co-authored a Whitepaper on NewWays, a regional collaboration initiative in Noord-Brabant (a province in the South of the Netherlands). The introduction is written by Aad Veenman, Chairman of the Logistics Topsector.

  • Road transport is under increasing pressure from congestion, CO2 emissions, a shortage of driversowing to aging, and deteriorating road safety. Yet shippers are reluctant to choose alternative modes of transport due to insufficient distribution volumes and a lack of specific know-how. This applies to both large and small shippers. In the meantime, there are really promising alternatives. New, efficient and future-proof possibilities are available if shippers combine distribution volumes, share data and knowledge, and collectively utilise all the available transport capacity. This enables shippers to make a modal shift. For example, from road to rail, short sea, or inland waterways. When a growing group of shippers agree to join a “modal shift”, this is the first step towards synchromodal transport which, depending on the volumes, service, and delivery times, determines the optimum deployment of several modalities. Achieving synchromodality requires extensive cooperation: among shippers themselves and with logistics service providers, the authorities and other market players. NewWays combines these forces, operating from North Brabant. It is a market-driven initiative, with a community of market shippers at its core, including Bolsius, FujiFilm, Greif, Lamb Weston / Meijer, Perfetti van Melle, Ricoh, Samsung, SABIC and Wuppermann.

  • Newways participants SABIC and Samsung have jointly signed up to the first, implemented NewWays business case. The supply chain managers of both companies met during a workshop organised within the framework of the Multimodal Smart Match project (the forerunner of NewWays). It was the start of a lucrative collaboration, of which a short video presentation has been produced with support of the regional development agencies BOM, REWIN and Midpoint as well as Lean and Green Synchromodal.

  • Lean and Green 'Look Beyond Your Limits: Game Changers In Logistics
  • The NewWays project Whitepaper has been officially presented during the Open Data Estafette Smart Logistics & Ports at Connekt in Delft November 5th. Kees Verweij, member of the Logistics Topsector Synchromodal Transport, received the first copy on stage.

    The Whitepaper can be downloaded via this link (pdf)