• Business Development

  • Our extensive network and knowledge of the European market has proven valuable already for various clients from 5 countries. Fluas helps increasing the impact of your Business Development.

  • Clients from The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and the United States have already trusted Fluas with helping explore the European markets. These projects are always centered around our Supply Chain Expertise. For example for companies that want to establish a new supply chain to service the European market. Or to test the market potential for a supply chain related product or service. In addition, Fluas has gained experience in building businesses cases to support our clients' decision making process. Fluas works discretely and on we present the first results on average within a month.

    Please find below some recent cases;

  • Benelux Mainport Scan for Irish Development Agency

    An Irish development agency has requested Fluas to scan the potential for investment in Benelux Mainport areas. Project duration April - July 2017.

  • New Market Assessment for Retailer

    Fluas has succesfully completed a new market scan for a Retailer, expaning into new countries. Based on the transportation and service profile, a pre-selection of suitable partners has been executed. Project run in the second half of 2016.

  • Go-to-market Strategy for Start up in the Mobility sector

    Fluas has been invited to aid an innovative supplier to design a go-to-market strategy for a newly developed product. It concers a very promising, fully patented mobility innovation with clear opportunities to grow into the logistics and medical sector. The current focus is Benelux, Germany and the USA. Project started in September 2015.

  • European Growth Strategy for US solution provider

    To design a European growth strategy, a dedicated projectteam was established for a US based Solution Provider. For their service offering an analysis was executed to identify specific European requirements to increase the potential customer base. November 2013 - May 2014

  • Market scan Benelux for German Service Provider

    The Benelux market potential has been mapped for investors backing a fast growing German service provider. The competitive landscape has been mapped in detail. In addition, based on interviews with prospective customers the service requirements and local expectations have been described. October 2013 - December 2013

  • Commercial Scan for Irish Logistics Solution Provider

    The Dutch market potential has been analysed for an Irish ICT focused Solution Provider. By adapting the commercial go-to-market approach to the Dutch market has led to increased conversion. May 2014 - October 2014

  • We worked with Fluas on a project designed to understand the market conditions in The Netherlands in our industry. We found their team to be very knowledgeable and helpful in accomplishing our goal. They addressed our questions in a timely manner and used a creative approach in getting us the information. They also offered very helpful suggestions for looking into other areas and expanding the scope of the project, in order to fully understand the dynamics of the market. The entire project was executed on time and according to our specifications. I would recommend Fluas to anyone looking for research in the supply chain industry in The Netherlands.

    Senior Research Manager